Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rosita, a.k.a. Divina Fly, Teenage Genius Doesn't Stay Indy For Long

  Rosita, a.k.a. Divina Fly, gets roughed up by Brittany Savage in a NYWC event last Novemeber
Photo by David Falcon

Before she was TNA's Rosita and one half of the Tag-team champions with partner Sarita, she was Divina Fly, teenage wunder-kind of the NY-NJ indy wrestling scene.  Her high flying cousin, Amazing Red, gave her an opportunity to be around the best and learn from the best at an early age, but Divina Fly gobbled up the lessons and added to them athleticism and fearlessness to become one of the most accomplished technical wrestlers in the region at the insanely young age of 18 years old.  She worked for WSU, NWS, PWS, FTW, and traveled to North Carolina and Puerto Rico to wrestle. 

I had the privilege of seeing Divina Fly take on fellow Long Islander and NY heel, Brittany Savage, on a raw November night at Centereach HS in Suffolk County, Long Island.  If you go watch indy promotions, you have all witnessed this scene:  a dark high school gym, cracky wooden bleechers pulled out, the event was poorly advertised, poorly scheduled, and the weather was iffy, a few die-hard fans were scattered in the stands -- but the wrestlers in the lockerroom must put out, regardless of the audience.  I sat down at ringside with no competition for my seat.  Divina Fly battled and lost to the more experienced, and more underhanded, Brittany, but she showed off some great heart and moves along the way.  Some of the photos that follow are mine, others are from other indy events on the East Coast where D-Fly (as I like to call her) earned her name and her wings -- ultimately catching the eye of TNA scouts.

Brittany with a near fall
Photo by David Falcon

D-Fly pulls herself together
Photo by David Falcon

Brittany getting the best of Divina Fly
Photo by David Falcon

D-Fly heads checks her throat after choke
Photos by David Falcon

D-Fly launches moonsault against Amber

Divina Fly brings the moonsault against a male opponent in NWS (below)

Divina Fly gets ready to take on Angel Orsini

D-Fly takes on Niya (left)
 . . . and flashes her million-dollar smile (right)

Rosita is one of the nicest, sweetest people you will ever meet.  She has kept her equalibrium and groundedness despite her mercurial fame on the TNA Impact Zone each week.  Tragically, she lost her father in the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and she has made her family her top priority.  She stays connected with her extended family on Long Island and visits them frequently.  She still occasionally takes an indy date and makes an appearance in the local ring as she did this past March with PWS on Long Island.  If you ever have the opportunity to meet this remarkable person, you will be amazed at her clear-eyed, authentic connection to you and each of her fans.  This lady has all the skills personal and athletic to have a long career with the big TV promotions.  God bless you, D-Fly!

Rosita and Mia Yim at PWS on 3/6/11
Photo by David Falcon

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