Sunday, June 26, 2011

ACW Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament -- First Round Matches

Animation by Michael Liao

I was pulling for Athena v Mia Yim at today's ACW Queen of Queens Tournament in Texas.  They have not drawn one another for the first round, so I can only hope that the match will happen later in the day, providing they both win their first round matches.  That will be easier for Athena to do than Mia.  Mia has drawn Portia Perez, the "mystery" No. 8 competitor.  The only ring contact they have has is a match on a cold January night last year in Bayonne, NJ, for JAPW-WD.  Mia and Portia taggged vs Angel Dust and Brittany Force.  Brittany and Angel Dust pretty much crucified Mia in the ring with little help from Portia.  After the match, Mia went ballistic on Portia and ambushed her in the ring.  Later that evening she joined the stable of Johnny D and the SSPC.  That's too little heat too long ago to have any bearing on today's match.  Portia is a veteran -- experienced, resourceful, and devious.  It will be a tough match for Mia to win.  Good luck, Ms. Fujita "Jr." Hayato!

Mia and Portia in JAPW ring 1/9/10: 
the match did not go well
Photo by David Falcon

1st Round Matches @ ACW Queen of Queens Tournament:

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