Saturday, June 4, 2011

Luke Matsuki's Wave Photos: Cherry v Kana

WAVE "Sunday WAVE Vol. 8" May 29, 2011
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
282 Fans
1. Idol WAVE: Moeka Haruhi defeated Mika Iida (7:45) with a Double Wrist Armsault.
2. MUCHA WAVE: GAMI vs Io Shirai (10:00) went to a time-limit draw.
3. Comical WAVE: Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated Sakura Hirota (as Misaki Ohata) (7:58) with a German Suplex Hold.
4. Catch the WAVE, Young Person's Block: Sawako Shimono <3/2>  defeated Nao Komatsu <2/2> (8:10) with a Barbarian Drop.
5. Catch the WAVE, Visual Block: Misaki Ohata <3/2> vs Mio Shirai <1/2> (11:32) went to a Double Count Out.
6. Catch the WAVE, Technical Block: Cherry <1/2> vs Kana <1/2> (15:00) went to a time-limit draw.7. Catch the WAVE, Technical Block: Toshie Uematsu <6/3>  defeated Tomoka Nakagawa <2/2> (5:30) with a Strong Arm Cutback.
8. Catch the WAVE, Visual Block: Yumi Ohka <2/2> defeated Ayumi Kurihara <0/2> (14:22) with the Cherry Tree Clutch.

Enjoy Luke Matsuki's excellent photos from this match.

Kana with a Cherry on top
Kana with flowing kimono

Kana goes for an ankle lock on Cherry

Kana with a stiff kick between the shoulder blades     Cherry returns the ankle lock "favor"

working the headlock

Kana in a double chicken wing

          Leg submissions

German suplex on Cherry

Cherry working Kana's arm        

Kana kicks Cherry's medial colateral ligament    
Missle drop kick off the top rope

Kana rising -- getting pumped!
Martial arts on display

  Kana with a hammerlock on Cherry

Cherry works Kana's left leg           
Kana with an ankle lock on Cherry

Kana revving herself up      

Kana is exhausted at the end of 15 minutes
Time limit draw!

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