Sunday, June 26, 2011

REINA 6 Results: Lots of Luscious

Simply Luscious joined Luscious Latasha as the two visiting American wrestlers at this show.  Hailey Hatred, of course, is American but not exactly a visitor.  Luscious Latasha had a match with the Clown Princess of Joshi Puroresu, Sakura Hirota.  Anytime she is in the ring, some wild comic moments will ensue.  The other Luscious, Simply Luscious, had a TLW title shot against Aki Kambayashi.  It was an exciting match, but Kambayashi retained her belt.

Photos by Takehisa Kashima

Luscious Latasha gets some aggressions out against Sakura Hirota

Luscious Latasha gets surprised by Hirota's affections

Luscious Latasha seems traumatized by the gesture

REINA 6 June 25, 2011
Tokyo Edogawa Friendship Hall
153 Fans
1. Sakura Hirota defeated "Luscious Latasha" (9:12) with the Heart Throb.
2. Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated Mika Iida (9:58) with a Tokkaido Drop.
3. Ray defeated Silueta (9:30) with the Super Ray.
4. Manami Toyota & Hailey Hatred defeated Senri Kuroki & Zeuxis (17:01) when Toyota used a Japanese Ocean Queen Bee Bomb on Kuroki.
5. TLW Women's International Championship: Aki Kanbayashi defeated Simply Luscious (12:40) with the STM. Kanbayashi succeeds in the 1st defense.

Hiroyo Matsumoto roughing up Mika Iida

Simply Luscious in control over Aki Kambayashi, for the moment

Aki Kambayashi comes back to rock Simply Luscious' world

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