Friday, July 1, 2011

10 Reasons to Love Hotta's REINA

Yumiko Hotta at REINA 1 Opening Ceremony

I must admit, I have been more than pleasantly surprised by the success of Stardom, Diana, and REINA -- the newest promotions in Joshi Puroresu.  Yumiko Hotta, not very popular as a stiff-ass striker with AJW, nor did she win friends as a booker with A to Z and other promotions.  With REINA, she has found a new synergy of veteran, current star, and fresh gaijin faces to fill arenas and put together memorable cards and popular shows.   Exciting new matchups seem to surface each week and Hotta finds them.  It undoubtedly helps that, with her knee injury, she does ot have to book herself (something she has never gotten quite right in the past).   Instead she finds a new exciting possibilities with names like Manami, Takako, Kyoko Kimura, Mima Shimoda [veterans]; Hiroyo Matsumoto, Tomoka Nakagawa, Hailey Hatred, Aki Kambayashi [current stars]; Zeuxis, Silueta, Mia Yim, Luscious Latasha, Simply Luscious, Roxie Cotton, and Kellie Skater [gaijin].
Photos by Takehisa Kashima


Manami Toyota

Takako Inoue in control

Mima Shimoda of CMLL


Hiroyo Matsumoto

Tomoka Nakagawa and Silueta

REINA Boss, Yumiko Hotta, roughs up Hailey Hatred with help from Manami Toyota


Mia Yim

Kellie Skater, the RateTank

Zeuxis puts pressure on Ray

Luscious Latasha works over Sakura Hirota

Simply Luscious tangles with Aki Kambayashi

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