Sunday, June 12, 2011

Prelude to Violence 2: CZW pics

CZW had it's Prelude to Violence 2 show last night in Philly.  Women's wrestling fans would have been thrilled to see Kyoko Inoue take on Sumie Sakai.  According to reports the CZW crowd was less than appreciative when the women came out.  CZW books very few women's matches and crowd impatience -- and lust for hardcore gore -- may be the reason why.  Nevertheless, reports note that these two Joshi veterans won a vocal segment of the crowd over by the end of the match.

Mia is looking skeptically at Adam
Photos by Scott Finkelstein

The shots below tell you why Adam Cole is the most envied champion in CZW




Mia is proud of her man!

Below are Scott's photos of the Kyoko Inoue and Sumie Sakai match!




Kyoko has Sumie in a world of pain
Photo by Jason Ecwa

More submission holds from Kyoko
Photo by Jason Ecwa

More of Kyoko Inoue and Sumie Sakai . . .
Photos by Lyle C. Williams

A mismatch?  Two joshi greats square off in Philly

Sumie flying high
Sumie in a world of hurt    
Sumie's missle drop kick off top rope

Super Suplex off the top rope

Kyoko pins Sumie (above)           The newest Diana recruit, Jenny Rose, assists Sumie (above left)

Kyoko was in town to recruit for her new Diana promotion in Japan.  Diana announced that Sumie Sakai will be a member of the promotion which means that Kyoko will be returning to the USA and Sumie will also travel to Japan.  Annie Social and Rain recently did a stint with Diana last month, and Jamilia Craft will be officially announced tomorrow on Diva Dirt Live as a new gaijin member of the Diana roster.  She will wrestle without her mask and go by the ring name Jenny Rose.   earlier today Kyoko supervised tryouts of gaijin workers for Diana.  I have had no word on how those went or if any new wrestlers have been signed.

Kyoko had much love for all after the match
Photo by Jason Ecwa

Also on the bill last night was Adam Cole and his manager/"girl friend", Mia Yim.  Mia continues to rock her new Harajuku Street Style with the school girl tartan skirt and the over-the-knee socks, right down to the cute little bow in her hair.  It's a great look for Mia (and I think it reminds her that her return to Japan in July is just around the corner).

Mia and Adam are a hot couple!
Photo by Jason Ecwa

They seem to enjoy working the crowd

Adam came away with the win
Photo by Jason Ecwa

More of Mia and Adam at CZW . . .

Photos by Lyle C. Williams

Mia Yim sporting her Harajuku street fashion sense, inspired by her recent trip to Japan where she spent three weeks working for REINA and visiting Harajuku for shopping trips.

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