Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mia Yim defeats Kimber Lee @ RCW T3

       Mia Blasian Joshi Princess

"She's turning Japanese, I think she's turning Japanese, I really think so!"  If anyone can remember this top-40 song, I give you credit!  I took the liberty of changing the lyrics to "she" to refer to Mia Yim and her affection for all things Japanese these days.  She strolled to the ring Saturday night wearing her REINA t-shirt and sporting her Fujita Jr. Hayato "God Bless" reference on her taped wrists.  Then she proceeded to beat down young Kimber Lee using some joshi inspired leg submissions and Hayato inspired kicks.  Someone estimated the match lasted about six minutes -- only half the time of her recent REINA matches in Japan.  Oh well, welcome back to the USA!

Photos by Marvin Atwell

Leg submissions inspired by joshi techniques

An early scare for Mia as Kimber Lee gets a near fall       

Things gets hot and stiff
      Kimber Lee has Mia pinned in the corner

                            Mia reverses and kicks Kimber Lee

Kimber Lee goes to work on Mia's left wrist     

Inspired by Fujita Jr. Hayato
Mia is the victor!

Mia favors her left wrist

Kimber Lee gets assistance to leave the ring

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