Saturday, June 18, 2011

Luscious Latasha Makes REINA Debut

Follow US indy girl, Luscious Latasha as she makes her Japanese debut with the REINA promotion on Sunday, June 19.  Latasha takes on Aki Kanbayashi in a singles match on tomorrow's REINA 5 show.  Latasha has been wrestling for a number of years primarily in the northeast -- NJ, MA, NY, and PA.  It is great to see her get this big break to take her hard-hitting show on the road to the heart of Joshi Puroresu country.  She joins a list of North American girls to work in Japan this spring:  Rain, Annie Social, Roxie Cotton, Mia Yim, and lucha girls Silueta and Zeuxis.  I have no idea how long Latasha will be in Japan, but PA based Jamilia Craft ( in Diana Fed she will go by Jenny Rose) will be heading to Japan for at least one year and Mia Yim will do the second of three tours with REINA beginning in mid-July.

I'm not sure whether Kyoko Inoue noticed Latasha on her recent visit to CZW last weekend, or whether Sumie Sakai or Hailey Hatred recommended her.  Whatever the case, Latasha will bring her own hard-hitting and professional style to the rings in Tokyo and beyond!  Good luck, girl!

                                                  REINA 5 Match Tomorrow!

  Luscious Latasha

                   v Aki Kambayashi

Here is the full card for tomorrow's REINA event.  The tag featuring Kyoko Kimura and Megumi Yabushita v Hailey Hatred and Silueta looks like an amazing, hard-hitting match!

REINA 5 June 19, 2011
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
1. Senri Kuroki vs "Drop Autumn" 雫 あき
2. Three Way Match: Aoi Ishibashi vs Hiroyo Matsumoto vs ルーシャスラターシャ
3. Megumi Yabushita & Kyoko Kimura vs Hailey Hatred & Silueta
4. Zeuxis vs Ray
5. TLW Women's International Title: Aki Kanbayashi (c) vs Luscious Latasha

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