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David Falcon Interviews Luscious Latasha

Many of you may know that Boston-based indy wrestler Luscious Latasha is over in Japan now wrestling for the REINA promotion.  What you may not know is that Latasha, at age 23, is a veteran of the wrestling scene having worked for seven years already!  Here she gives fans a glimpse into her past and present and talks about some of her future goals in wrestling.  Fans can follow her on her Facebook and Twitter sites listed below or here on my blog.

Luscious Latasha goes for the pin on TWL Champion, Aki Kambayashi, in REINA 5

DF:  You started training when you were 16 – that’s pretty young – how was your drive
so strong at such a young age?  How did you get drawn to wrestling?

LL:  Well I started watching wrestling with my grandmother when I was about 5 yrs old,
didn't pay much attention back then, clearly I was young, but it caught my eye for sure. I attend a WWF PPV in 97 and that's when I realized I wanted to wrestle (age 10).  And now look!  

DF:  Who did you train with prior to your debut match?

LL:  I trained with local workers that have worked on the northeast for over 15 years:  Brickhouse Baker and Sweet Scott Ashworth.  

Latasha taking on fellow New Englander Taeler Hendrix
DF:  How did your family react to your decision to become a wrestler?  You mentioned that your grandma got to see your debut match – I take it she was supporting you and proud of you?

LL:  My grandmother brought me to my first live event (97 pay-per-view) and I told her then I wanted to wrestle, and she said if that’s what I wanna do, then she was behind it. She was very easy going with me even when I would travel to shows at 16 yrs old because she knew I wanted this badly.  

Latasha appears unphased by Sakura's antics

DF:   Do you have brothers and sisters?  Are you close to them or parents?

LL:  I have two brothers, one is 29, other is 12 . . . that's a big difference . . . I'm not that close with my mom, but after the past year or so we talk more frequently.  Since I been here in Japan we Skype at least once a day.     

DF:  Were you a church-going family growing up?  Is faith important to you?

LL:  When I was younger my grandfather was into church; I went because I needed to at the time.  I don't go so much now . . . even though faith is important to me, weird huh?  

Latasha putting the hurt on Sakura Hirota

DF:  What was the most important lesson you learned during your first year of wrestling?

LL: I learned to listen to people's advice . . . and weigh it carefully.   

DF:  What promotion has given you the biggest opportunities and the most exposure?

LL:  Top Rope Promotions. I have been there since day 1! WSU - I have been with them since day 1 also, and they have DVDs and Internet pay-per-views with the best women wrestlers today!  

DF:  What has been your biggest (most important) match to date? And why?  ( Japan not

LL:  It would have to be in 05 when I got to wrestle Luna. I remember being so scared for my life, and she is one of the greatest women I have ever met. Such an honor to get to work with her, I will never forget it!  

DF:  Who do you look up to in wrestling as a mentor?

LL:   I watch wrestling as a whole for the most part. I like to watch women’s wrestling, even though a lot of others crap all over it. But I appreciate what others have done to pave the way for us up-and-coming females now!  I still love to watch Trish Stratus and Jacqueline wrestle.

Texas-based WWE wrestler, Jacqueline

DF:  What are your goals for the future?  Do you have ambitions of making the WWE or TNA?
LL:  Goals for the future . . . umm no children!! And my ambitions -- definitely to make it to WWE or TNA.   

Fellow REINA gaijin and roommate, Simply Luscious from Texas

DF:  What USA indy wrestler would you most like to have a match with?  What indy promotion would you most like to work with?

LL:  Simply Luscious, because she is standing right next to me, ha! . . . Northeast Wrestling and Shimmer.  

DF:  How did the Japan invitation come about?  Is this your first opportunity to wrestle

LL:  This is my first opportunity to wrestle internationally.  I actually contacted them and they were interested in me coming!!  

DF:  How would you describe the training in the REINA dojo?
LL:  It’s different from American style wrestling. The names of the moves, they way they do them, it’s so different!!  

DF:  How would you describe the match atmosphere?  Are the Japanese fans different from American fans?

 LL:  Oh so different!  They respect wrestlers so much. They are so loyal and friendly; it’s an amazing feeling!

Latasha delivering a missle drop kick to Sakura Hirota at REINA 6

 DF:   If you could make three wrestling-related wishes that would come true during the next year, what would they be?

LL:      1. Travel as much as possible!
            2. Wrestle for Shimmer
            3. To learn from some of the best wrestlers out there

DF:  What is your training and diet schedule like when you are at home?
LL:  I was doing p90x at home, but since I been here I have stopped. I will probably start back up again in a week. I actually miss it!! My diet is not the greatest. I have a problem with self control when it comes to foods, but I’m slowly working on it . . . I’ll get it down!  

Latasha taking on fellow New Englander Mercedes KV

DF:  Briefly comment on each of the following people:
     LL:   Mistress Belmont - Sweetheart, Love working her.

            Taeler Hendrix - She has come a long way, I see big things ahead for her

            Mercedes KV - She is getting better and better every time I see her, she’s got

            Roxie Cotton - Amazing , love her to pieces.. such a great girl/wrestler

            Simply Luscious - Great, It's been a blast to have her in Japan with me, without

                         her I would be lost! Such a nice woman and so good in the ring.

            Aki Kambayashi - So, so nice. I had a great time working her. She is a really

                        good trainer here in Japan.  

Latasha reacting to an unwelcome kiss from Sakura Hirota (not pictured)

DF:  Do you have any educational or career goals after wrestling?

 LL:  As sad as it is, no. I haven’t really decided what I wanna do yet. A few years ago I thought I knew, but I'll figure something out in due time.  

DF:  Is there anything you would like to say to your fans back in the States who are
following your tour with REINA? 

LL:  Thanks for following me!! Without the fans, there would be no me! You can follow me on!/lusciouslatasha 
      or my Facebook -

Luscious Latasha at REINA

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