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Absolute Intense Wrestling: Girls Night Out 4

Updated 8/5/12

Absolute Intense Wrestling held their 7th Girl's Night Out event last night in Cleveland at Turner's Hall.  It may have been their best GNO yet!  Certainly the final two matches lived up to the hype:  Hailey Hatred defeated Sara Del Rey in a 20-minute epic battle; Allysin Kay retained her AIW Women's Championship by forcing Mia Yim to submit in a steel cage match.  Early reviews were that the whole evening exhibited strong matches.  Below are some of Wayne Palmer's photos of the Main Event.

More Wayne Palmer Photos:!/wayne.palmer.5661/photos

Allysin Kay makes her Mask & Machete entrance

Allysin works her submission move on Mia Yim

Allysin Kay whips Mia toward cage siding

Mia in control

Allysin gets a 2-count

Mia rides bareback

Mia tries a submission on Allysin's arm

Allysin tries to escape to victory

Allysin crushes Mia's spine against the cage

Mia feels the pain

Mia tries to recover . . .

Allysin hangs from the top of pink AIW cage

Mia with a cover

Allysin with the arm submission

Mia claws her way up the cage

Mia chases Allysin to the top of the cage

Allysin submits Mia with combination armbar & choke

Allysin Kay retains Championship

GIRL'S NIGHT OUT 4  (July 2011)

Results and some photos coming tomorrow.  Suffice it to say that in the Main Event Angel Dust was said to have bled first, but Allysin Kay at ringside "found" the blood on her and showed it to the official (it seemed shady).  But before Jessika Havok could celebrate her win, Mickie Knuckles cashed in on a "call-it-anytime" title match.  Clotheslined the exhausted Havok three times before snap suplexing her for the win.  A new champ -- Mickie Knuckles!

All photos by David Falcon

Jessicka Havok makes Angel Dust eat the chair

Mickie Knuckles with AIW belt.

Here are the results (the match time's are approximate and not official):

Mena Libra v K.C. (6:30)
Libra wins with a raised orthopedic boot to KC's midsection when she dove off the top rope.  Mena then covered her for the pin.  It's good to see Mena back in the ring.  KC is a young wrestler from the School of Truth wrestling academy.  She has a lot of spark and much potential -- though her greenness was evident at times tonight.

Cherry Bomb v Veda Scott (8:10)
This was an awesome match -- some good technical wrestling and very little of the "sawdust filler" that is used to lengthen some indy women's bouts (mic time, 3-minute headlocks, etc).  Veda has the skills and is one to watch.  Cherry Bomb looks amazing in her new gear and delivered sound matwork, kicks, and an outrageous finisher.  Finisher: Cherry set Veda up in the corner, head on the middle buckle lined up with the steel post; then she charged across the ring with a missle drop kick to Veda's ass, sending her head into the steel -- lights out!  She rolled her over for the cover to the echo of "Holy Shit" cheers from the Wayne's World crowd in the front row. 

Allysin Kay v Mickie Knuckles (10:55)
Match starts with extreme dislike -- scratching, clawing, hair-pulling, bitch-slapping catfight.  Mickie and Allysin were out of the ring throwing each other into the steel barricades.  Allysin with chokes and headlocks.  Mickie awakens with a sharp german suplex and then a belly-to-belly suplex -- this girl can flat-out wrestle!  Finisher: as Mickie raises Allysin for a backdrop to finish the match, Jessicka Havok pulls Mickie's legs out of the ring.  Allison reverses and falls on top of Mickie for the cover and the cheating win.


Sara Del Rey v Sassy Stephie (8:55)
The Queen of Wrestling was supposed to battle Super Oprah, be "she" was a no-show.  Ohio native, Sassy Stephie, filled in.  She was fodder for SDR who made a wrestling clinic out of their brief time in the ring.  SDR laughed at Stephie's Kiss-My-Sass finisher and then rung her up with the Royal Butterfly Suplex(Finisher).  Anticlimactic for Sara, I'm afraid (she didn't seem to be into it -- probably thinking about Claudio Castagoli on Sunday in CHIKARA).

Roxie Cotton (Gabby Gilbert) v Portia Perez (10:00)
Roxie comes out with her good natured clowning and asks for the mic to mention that this was her retirement match.  Fans sucked by giving her little respect.  Portia is always entertaining, but this was a fairly low energy match by both women.  Roxie showed she could wrestle by giving Portia a Northern Lights bomb (not exactly Akira Hokuto, but hey . . .).  Then she went to the top rope to finish her with a big senton, but Portia rolled away leaving nobody home.  Roxie landed hard.  Portia then set her up for a tae kwon do "punch kick" to the head (Finisher) and got the win.

MAIN EVENT:  First Blood Match
Angel Dust (challenger) v Jessicka Havok (Champion) (15:00)
Angel was chomping at the bit to get this one started and she ran at Havok like a house-a-fire.  With a flurry of punches they fell out of the ring.  Much more time spent outside of the ring that in:  barricades, canes, trash cans, garbage, chairs, tables -- in short, everything but the kitchen sink.  Jessika did most of the beating, but Angel Dust is a tough, though teeny-tiny wrestler (if she weighs 100 lbs I'd be surprised).   With Allysin Kay lurking around the ring, you knew things were not going to be on the up-and-up.  After some "holy shit" chair spots by each girl on the other (in the ring for a change), Allysin planted some ketchup on Angel Dust and quickly went to show shady ref David Dawson who called Jessika the winner.  No sooner had this happened but Mickie Knuckles arrested Havok in the ring and cashed in a "title match anytime" stipulation.  She ripped into the exhausted Jessicka with clothes lines and a smart snap suplex for the cover.  Within a quick minute, a new AIW Champion was crowned.

Notes:  Some thoughts on AIW.  Delaying the door opening by a full hour for a silly gimmick was a ridiculous decision that shows much disrespect for the fans.  The language by some 9-year old boys was shocking and disturbing -- it makes me worry about the citizens of tomorrow.  AIW could have done a much classier job for Roxie Cotton (she had to announce her own retirement and fight a hostile crowd while holding the mic -- very sad).  Overall, the evening could have been shorter and tighter with less ridiculous mic time, shorter guys matches, more of the Veda v Cherry Bomb style matches.  I guess that's just the SHIMMER fan in me speaking.

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