Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jenny Rose Makes her DIANA Debut.

July 10, 2011, Diana Event had a ground breaking match by a young American.

Mia Yim and Jamilia Craft (a.k.a. Jenny Rose) with S-Ovation girls at SHIMMER

Keiko Aono v Jenny Rose

Jenny is the babyface personna in the Diana promotion of American indy wrestler Jamilia Craft, who always wrestles in a mask when she works in the USA.  This is an exciting moment for Jenny who plans to be in Japan for one full year, learning the craft of wrestling (no pun intended) from the hard scrabble no-nonsense world of Joshi Puroresu.  Jenny's good friend Mia Yim can attest to the fact that some of the hardest hits and most demanding matches she has ever had, were those at the REINA promotion on her recent tour in May.  Philadelphia is the magnet for East Coast indy girls with the standard setters Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze based there, Jamilia and Mia Yim (who makes Philly her home away from home) are the next generation of indy blood from the city of Rocky Balboa.  All four women work for SHIMMER and ROH.  Daizee and Sara also work for CHIKARA and a variety of smaller promotions.  Sara Del Rey spent time with A to Z promotion in Japan in 2003-4; I'm not sure whether Daizee has worked in Japan or not.  But doing an apprenticeship in Japan seems like a requirement for serious wrestlers who want a successful career.  Both Jenny and Mia are focused on learning what they can in Japan and thereby pushing their careers to the next level.  If Mia didn't have to finish her senior year in college, she would probably be joining Jenny this summer for a year in Japan; she may launch on that step next summer. Jenny does not have school constraints at the moment and so can go to Japan now.

As for the match itself, Jenny broke out the new gear and also lost to Keiko Aono.  It looked like a fun opener for Jenny -- I'm sure she will never forget her first match in Japan!

Photos by Youji Kawauchi

Jenny locks up with Keiko

Jenny with a shoulder block on Keiko

DIANA July 10, 2011
Yokohama Radiant Hall

1. Keiko Aono defeated Jennie Rose (4:59) with a Falcon Arrow.
2. Shuri defeated Sareee (8:24) with an Armlock.
3. Ayako Sato & Aya Yuki vs Ryo Mizunami & Kagetsu (30:00) went to a time-limit draw.
4. Aja Kong & Andrea Mother defeated Kyoko Inoue & Kaoru Ito (13:47) when Andrea used the Mother Nature on Inoue.

Keiko with a brutal kick between the shoulder blades

Flying cross body off the top by Jenny Rose

Jenny takes a hit

Keiko with a near fall

The power slam does it for the finish

Keiko with the victory

Jenny being escorted from the ring by Sareee

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