Monday, July 4, 2011

REINA 8 Card for July 18

REINA does it again with another fascinating card.  The event will be held two weeks from today, Monday, July 18, at Itabashi Green Hall in Tokyo at 5:00PM.  Check out their website!

BATTLE ROYAL featuring a Mexican Team and a Japanese team of wrestlers (I'm not sure what the Americans are going to do during this time).  I'm not sure if this match is before or after the main event.

Main Event (60 minute time limit):
Japan Team of Ray and Ayumi Kurihara v Mexico Team of Siluetta and La Dama

Special Revenge Match (20 minute time limit):
Hiroyo Matsumoto (who won REINA 2 match) v Mia Yim (happy to be back in Japan)

Tag Team Match (30 minute time limit):
Aki Kambayashi/Kuroki v Tomoka Nakagawa/Zeuxis


Opening Match (20 minute time limit):
Mika Iida v Luscious Latasha

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