Saturday, July 9, 2011


Check out this great drop down banner for Mia Yim's second Japan tour created by the incomparable Takehisa Kashima using animated figure originally created by Michael Liao.  How special will Mia feel when she runs to the ring on 7/18/11 for her big Revenge Rematch with Hiroyo Matsumoto and she sees this banner hanging on the wall?  There are two rites of passage for wrestlers in Japan -- first, a streamer salute where colored streamers are showered on the wrestler when she is introduced (usually in the colors scheme of her traditional gear). Second, a drop down banner that hangs from a balcony (as in Korakuen Hall) or on a wall (in many other venues) as a rallying point for her fans.  It says to the wrestler, "My supporters are here!"

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