Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Women's Wrestling Gear: What Colors Are "In"?

Cheerleader Melissa in basic black

An unofficial survey of women's wrestling gear reveals that black is the "color" of choice for most wrestlers.  Let's admit that things can get boring at Manhattan cocktail parties if every girl is wearing her "little black dress" -- in that case it becomes a uniform and demonstrates conformity rather than originality.  The next most popular colors for wrestlers are various shades of red/pink and various shades of blue.  White shows the dirt, but continues to be a popular accent color and occasionally the dominant color in the gear -- as in Bambi's early 2000's gear, so reminiscent of Mimi Hagiwara's in the 1980's.  Used far less frequently are colors like green, yellow, purple, brown.  These colors then become freshing and interesting for gear choices.  Hiroyo Matsumoto's orange gear colored gear is one of the most recognizable and unique in the business.

Mia Yim has some yellow themed gear arriving this week as she prepares to go two Japan for round two of her three tour visit in 2011.  Daizee Haze is the gear maker and she goes excelent work -- in evidence on Mia's current green gear.  Mia's fans are eager to see the new stuff.

Here are some wrestlers that have worn yellow well in recent years.

Case in Point:  Cherry Bomb just unveiled new yellow; her opponents wear basic black

Kyoko Kimura in Rasta yellow
Athena has several variations of yellow gear

Teenager Hikari Minami of Ice Ribbon wears Flintstone themed yellow gear

Stardom idol Yuzuki Aikawa in her yellow with silver trim

Mercedes KV wearing yellow with black & pink accents
Alyssa Flash (above) aka Cheerleader Melissa (below)


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  1. An unofficial survey of women's wrestling gear reveals that black is that the "color" of selection for many wrestlers. Let's admit that things will get boring at Manhattan cocktail parties if each woman is carrying her "little black dress"
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