Sunday, July 10, 2011

Miya Matsumoto Matches

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Miya Matsumoto takes on a masked opponent in an intergender match immediately followed by a stiff battle with Ice Ribbon standout Tsukasa Fujimoto.

All photos by Yuichi Kojima

Miya executing the move perfectly, running up the ropes

Resluts from yesterday's Gakenofuchi Pro Yokohama event.
They claimed 213 paid.

Gakenofuchi Pro #2

1. 1 Minute Speech Competition
The Great Sasuke beat Miyako Mtasumoto by a decision.

2. Puroresu Match
The Great Sasuke beat Miyako Matsumoto after a Sasuke Special X ver. 10.2 Segway (Imitation Forbidden).

3. Imitation Competiton
The Great Sasuke (Gran Hamada in the Dressing Room) beat Miyako Matsumoto (Kim Jong-il) by a decision.

4. Ballet Competiton
The Great Sasuke (Black Swan) beat Miyako Matsumoto by a decison.

5. Singing Competiton
The Great Sasuke (Separados) beat Miyako Matsumoto (Koi No Corrida/Jun Togawa) by a decision.

Total Result
The Great Sasuke 5-0 Miyako Matsumoto

After the match, Miyako Matsumoto announced that their next event will be against Ice Ribbon. Then, they announced that the 3rd event would start immediately.

Gakenofuchi Pro #3

Gakenofuchi Pro vs Ice Ribbon
Tsukasa Fujimoto beat Miyako Matsumoto after a Dropkick.

Optimism rules the day

Miya in a reflective moment in her corner

Tsukasa flying from the top rope

Miya braces herself for Fujimoto's devastating kick

. . . a slap for good measure

A word from the winner

an emotional Miya signs off with her fans

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