Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cherry v Luscious Latasha @ Union Pro Wrestling in Nagoya

Latasha executes and arm drag on Cherry

    This match took place in Union Pro Wrestling in the city of Nagoya, Japan.  Cherry and Luscious Latasha begin the match with a lockup in the center of the ring.  Cherry then twists Latasha’s arm and wrenches it; Latasha reverses; and the reversals go on two or three more times. Finally, Latasha reverses into a arm wringer, then a hammerlock and on into a headlock.  Cherry pries herself free and shoots Latasha to the ropes, the American comes back with a shoulder tackle – bang!  Latasha looks to run the ropes again, but Cherry trips her and she smacks her face on the mat.  Latasha struggles to her feet just as Cherry charges her. Latasha reacts quickly, hooks her arm into an arm drag.  Cherry charges at her again, Latasha attempts a scoop slam but Cherry slides down her back.  Luscious Latasha wheels around just as Cherry throws a clothesline.  The Boston beauty ducks the “line”, hits the ropes and gives Cherry a drop kick.  Latasha then works her over to the corner, and slamming her head down on buckle.  She goes on to abuse Cherry in the corner by choking her with her boot.  Latasha collars the sexy Cherry roughly and executes a snapmare, throwing her to the center of the ring.  This is followed by a knee to the back then a wrench on her neck. Latasha throws the back of Cherry’s head to the mat. She rolls over in pain and now Latasha has her in a rear choke hold.  She worked the submission for maybe 30 seconds then, when cherry still doesn’t submit, she clubs her in the back of head.
Latasha with a bulldog

    But a great, experienced wrestler, like Cherry, is going to fight back, and she does.  But Latasha will have none of it, she answers Cherry’s spunk with a suplex for a pin, “1 . . . 2 . . .” but Cherry kicks out.  Latasha whips her into the corner and executes her cartwheel, round off, flying elbow.  Latasha spices this combo up by adding a bulldog, riding Cherry hard to the mat.  Again a near fall, but the resilient Japanese star kicks out.   Latasha, not to be denied, grabs her in a chinlock; when Cherry tries to struggle free, the fiery American pulls her hair and yanks her head back to the mat.  Latasha reapplies the chinlock, but eventually she claws her way to the ropes.  Latasha reluctantly releases her hold, but immediately rocks her with a couple of forearms, then whips her off the ropes.

      But Cherry has found a second wind; she comes back with a cartwheel which makes Latasha side step to avoid the collision.  Cherry then she hits other rope and comes back with a neck-breaker – bam!  This she follows immediately with a double-wrist northern lights suplex; while Latasha is trying to uncross her eyes on the mat, Cherry climbs to the top for a missle drop kick – wham!  Latasha is laid out and Cherry falls on her for the pin, but the American kicks out on “two!”   Cherry wastes no time pulling the prone Latasha into position so she can go up top for her swanton (senton) bomb; just as Cherry jumps Latasha finds the wherewithal to roll out of the way – Ouch! Cherry lands hard!  Latasha rallies herself and gets to her feet; she sends Cherry off the ropes and gives her a big spinning sidewalk slam. The American goes for the cover, “1 . . . 2 . . .” but Cherry kicks out.   Latasha lifts her up for a cracking neck-breaker, but again Cherry kicks out at “two!”  Latasha reaches down for something creative, original, to finally stop the stubborn Cherry. 

  She sets Cherry up for her swing-neck bomb (sitout modified neck-breaker).  Perfect! Perfectly lethal!  Latasha is confident she has done it, and thinks Cherry must be out cold.  She takes her time with the cover “1 . . . 2 . . .” – kick out, yet again!  Latasha is boiling mad; she turns her anger on the ref.  Finally she turns to pick her up, but Cherry has slipped behind her and puts her in a waistlock.  While holding on both girls struggle to the ropes.  Cherry then rolls Latasha up in a modified O’Conner roll that almost looked like a sunset flip.  The Japanese beauty gets a two-count, but not the pin.  Latasha gets up and kicks Cherry in head – damn!  Here is another opportunity and the New Englander picks her up to end this once and for all with her swinging neckbomb.  Cherry is ready for it now and she reverses the hold.  Latasha throws a punch, but Cherry catches it and gives her a _ suplex that she holds for the pin.  Only a two-count before Latasha kicks out.  But now Cherry sets her up for the big swanton bomb and hits it – boom!  Lights out! “1. . . 2 . . . 3!” Cherry is victorious in her home promotion of Union Pro Wrestling.  But Luscious Latasha acquitted herself well in the ring with fire and fight and strong technique. 
Cherry with suplex on Latahsa

Cherry's flambouyant swanton dive

Fans of Luscious Latasha don’t miss her final match in Japan, Monday, July 18, at REINA 8, when she takes on Mika Iida.  It has been a wonderful month for Latasha and I know that her departure from Narita Airport on July 19 will be bittersweet.  She has made great new friends and had amazing experiences in and out of the ring – Congratulations, girl!

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