Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ref, Deceived by Svensson, DQ's Yim in Mia War Rematch

Mia Yim moves in on Svensson

Pro Wrestling Sun inaugurated their new promotion with a brief show in Jackson, New Jersey.  Allison Danger heads the promotion and with her connections through SHIMMER she has an international wrestling stable ready to sign with Pro-Wrestling Sun.  Madison Eagles could not make the show due to illness, so at the last minute the card was scrambled and Sara Del Rey became the challenger with Allison Danger for the main event -- the PWSun Belt.  SDR came away with the victory, to no one's surprise.  Mercedes Martinez humbled the Rate Tank, Kellie Skater.  In tag action, Marti Belle and Annie Social deconstructed and lost to Sumie Sakai and Roxie Cotton.  In the much hyped "Battle of the Mia's" Mia Yim took on Mia Svensson.  This "bad blood" match has a history extending back to September 12, 2010, when Svensson beat Yim in a SPARKLE match in Berwyn, IL.  In the course of the match, however, Yim broke Svensson's rib with a massive double stomp.
Mia Yim's viscious double stomp on Svensson at SPARKLE,
September 12, 2010.  The move broke Svensson's rib.

There was no love lost between these two today -- another Sunday, a week before the March 2011 SHIMMER tapings -- and the match went back and forth.  In the end Svensson produced a monkey wrench and went after Yim.  The ref was down and Yim ducked the blow.  When the ref came to, Svensson laid down and played possum; the ref thought Yim had hit Svensson and disqualified Mia Yim.  Needless to say, Yim was pissed off at the injustice and challenged Svensson to a Street Fight at the next PW Sun event (I do not know the date at present).

Allison Danger assembled a quality roster from the East Coast and especially the NY/NJ area.  It was nice to see Mercedes Martinez and Marti Belle (WSU) on the same show with Mia Yim and Annie Social (JAPW).  I am hopeful that PW Sun will become a bridge to bring great Mid-Atlantic talent together that are currently separated through the territorial feud between WSU and JAPW. 

Svensson locks up Yim's legs

Some Pro-Wrestling SUN roster members. 
Clockwise from top: Mia Yim (green shirt), Annie Social, Kellie Skater,
Marti Belle, Roxie Cotton, Mercedes Martinez, Sumie Sakai

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