Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mia Yim's Busy Spring Schedule

Mia Yim has an extremely busy spring wrestling schedule in 2011.  it's hard to believe that she can be a fulltime college student and keep this intense schedule on weekends.  During the last six months she has raised her game in almost every way, taking on new high-profile challengers, working for new promotions, and developing technically through serious and committed training.  She has recently worked for NEW, CZW, JAPW, ROH, ICW, PWS, and soon for SHIMMER and PW Sun.  On top of all this, Mia has been developing technically through consistent and committed training.  She has recently unveiled some high-risk aerial moves like the swanton off the top rope that wowed the crowds at JAPW, CZW, and ICW.  Mia will not be narrowly defined as a kick specialist -- she is pursuing the versatility of Ayako Hamada's arsenal of moves!  High Standards!

Mia brings her double knees to the back of Annie Social

Mia Yim's Spring Schedule
March 18 & 19: ROH
March 20: Pro-Wrestling SUN
March 26 & 27:Shimmer
April 1 & 2: ROH
April 9 & 10: CZW
April 16: ACW
April 23: RCW
April 30:Jersey Pro Elite
May 1:Deaf WrestleFest
June 24: ACW(MD)
June 26:ACW (TX)
Mia's swanton in CZW

I will briefly attempt to outline some of the highlights of this amazing schedule.  Of course the ROH shows are the cherry on top of this rich wrestling sundae.  Mia enters with Prince Nana and the New Embassy at four shows in Boston, New York, and Atlanta.  At SHIMMER, Mia will has a chance to grace the big stage and possibly wrestle international talent from Australia, Britain, Japan, and our neighbor to the North, Canada.  This coming weekend Mia will tangle with Mia Svensson in an effort to settle some bad blood stemming back to SPARKLE last Sept. when Svensson won the match but Yim broke her rib.  Each woman feels she has a score to settle so they will take it to the mat on Sunday at Allison Danger's Pro Wrestling SUN debut event in Jackson, NJ.  On April 16, Mia's 22nd birthday, she will have a chance to win her first singles title belt -- the ACW championship (Maryland); but first she must rip it off the waist of current champ, Kacee Carlisle.  Can you think of a better birthday present than a Championship belt?
Mia rides Mickie James in ACW
Mia's road continues with a trip to Texas in June to participate in Anarchy Championship Wrestling's American Joshi Queen tournament.  There she may tangle with the likes of Athena, MsChif, Daizee Haze, Sara Del Rey, Rachael Summerlyn and others.  So Mia is expanding from the East Coast to Illinois and Texas this year!  Finally, perhaps nearest and dearest to her heart, Mia is participating in the DeafWrestleFest in Pittsburgh, PA.  She feels close to the deaf community and has even learned American Sign Language (ASL) so that she can communicate with her deaf friends.  It is an impressive commitment and I know she feels honored to have been asked to participate in this great benefit event.
Mia v Jamilia Craft in PWR
I hope this annotation of Mia's remarkable schedule with help her fans chose the match they want to come out and see.  I have seen Mia wrestle at least half a dozen times and each time is a treat.  She is a great athlete and entertainer -- very sweet to her fans -- always willing to sign an autograph or take a photo with you.  Please come out an support local wrestling in your area.  I know all the Mia Yim fans out there are thrilled with the mercurial rise of her career and look forward to more fantastic appearances in 2011!

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