Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3-S Upset Canadian Ninjas to Win SHIMMER Tag Belts

SHIMMER Tag Champs:  Hiroyo Matsumoto and Misaki Ohata are 3-S
All photos by David Falcon
Misaki Ohata and Hiroyo Matsumoto are 3-S

Late in 2007, just as the old Jd' Promotion was folding, two rookies debuted: Misaki Ohata from Sendai and Hiroyo Matsumoto from Tokyo.  They went to S-Ovation after Jd' closed.  Misaki began training with the great mat genius Markiko Yoshida and the bigger Hiroyo began training with Aja.  In the four years that have followed, these two are among the most accomplished young wrestlers in Joshi Puroresu.  They are both great athletes and smart technical wrestlers.  Their size difference lends itself to a very different approach in the ring:  Misaki is a submission specialist like her mentor Markiko, but she can do some low flying cross body blocks as well.  Hiroyo is a large, dominant worker who has balletic agility and greco-roman power.  As a tag team they use their specialization in energetic and creative double-team moves.  They have had great experience in singles and in tag teams in Japan.  To date they have battled all the top joshi women as they freelance across various promotions.

Hiroyo Matsumoto makes ready

On the tenth match of SHIMMER tape #38 Misaki/Matsumoto, calling themselves 3-S, came out against the tag title holders Canadian Ninjas (Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez).  3-S had great lucha style masks and Hiroyo sported a rich black velvet robe.  A very cool look for them.  At intoductions, the streamers came out and the masks came off.  Everybody expected the Ninjas to win, but as the match wore on, 3-S skills became apparent -- their flawless understanding and teamwork.  They won the match after the Ninja's missed a Funky Cold Medina and Hiroyo rolled up Portia.  It was a delight to see the joy on their faces as they paraded around the ring with their new belts.

Ohata rolls out on the ring apron

On SHIMMER #38 3-S defeated the other new international tag team, Saraya and Britani, the Knight Dynasty!  The Knights were fantastic on the mic, but 3-S had the upper hand when it came to superior wrestling moves.  They retained the belts.

Sweet Saraya bars Ohata from making tag

On SHIMMER #39 3-S squared off against Nikki Roxx and Ariel.  After a hard hitting match wear Ohata took a lot of punishment (because of poor referee managemnt of the tags) Matsumoto finally got the win after a exploder suplex on Roxx.  The crowd is really popping for the energetic -- positive personalities -- of  Misaki and Matsumoto.

The Masked Hiroyo

On SHIMMER #40 3-S took on the International Heel team of Daizee Haze and Tomoka Nakagawa.  After a stunning match with eight or ten near falls, the heels won and took the belts off of the promising masks & smiles team of 3-S.
Matsumoto pounds Matthews in the corner

Hiroyo raises her belt!

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