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Mia Yim on Long Island

Mia Yim Makes NYWC Debut (Updated July 20, 2012)

Mia makes a surprise appearance at NYWC

All Photos by David Falcon

So there she was in her new Rasta-themed wrestling gear being introduced with none other than Eddie Kingston -- her Twitter rival -- as a tag team taking on Raven, the ECW Original.  It was a surprise because Mia is only in the NYC area to visit her boyfriend and hang out with friends like Marti Belle.  So when Marti prepared to head to her NYWC booking Thursday, July 19, in Deer Park, NY, Mia decided to ride along.  Of course, wrestlers never go to a show without their gear, cuz . .  you just never know when you will be needed to fill a gap or strengthen a card.  Of course Mia and Eddie have a love/hate relationship from their work in CZW but after all the unguarded name-calling between them on Twitter, everyone was surprsed to see them "working together" against Raven.  And work they did, eventually getting the win in a semi-handicapped match.  Raven did have a Polo-shirted assistant, for at least part of the match.

Mia makes ready

First the pre-match banter with fans

"Get back, Eddie.  I got this."

Eddie massages Mia's tight deltoids

Raven seems unimpressed with all the drama

There was a great crowd at Sportorium for the action

When the fans started jeering Kingston, Mia covered his virgin ears

Mia got the tag-in!

Mia was more impressed with her physique than Raven was


Raven in man-handle mode

Somehow I don't think that shoving Raven will work

. . . kicking might, though

Mia shouts encouragement to her partner

Mia jawing with Polo-Shirt Boy

She punctuates the exchange with a swift kick

Raven's clothesline sequence on Mia Yim: 

The set-up

The approach . . .

The delivery . . .

The follow through . . .

Victim's impact . . .

Victim's head bounce-back . . .


Freudean Slip? Mia gives Eddie an "inadvertant" crotch shot

"Oh, shit!  My nuts!"

Raven with a trip toe-hold on Mia into a chair

Bang! Damn!

Mia's Out . . .

When Mia woke up, Eddie had won the match!

Mia's never been one who knows when to quit . . .

Aww shit! Even though the bell has gone, this is going to end badly

Raven turns out the lights at Mia's party!  BANG!

Game Over!

Mia will feel this in the morning

Mia needs to be helped off by Eddie

Mia Yim vs Annie Social in PWS (3/5/11)

Mia Yim and Annie Social brought their kick-ass feud to Long Island on Saturday, March 5.  They are well known adversaries from JAPW both in singles competition and tagging.  PWS management originally planned to have Boston Shore (Amber/Alexxis) take on Divina Fly and Jamilia Craft.  Those plans were scuttled after a delay in setting up the ring caused the event start time to jeopardize the girls' ability to compete and still get to the WSU 4th anniversary show in Union City, NJ.  They made the decision to bail on PWS and hightail it to NJ.  They made it just in time to compete.

That left PWS management scrambling to piece together women's matches.  Mia Yim was visiting her friends in Philly and NJ this weekend and enjoying the action at ICW in Queens on Friday and PWS on Saturday.  She was pressed into duty to tangle with her well known rival, Annie Social ("Tits Magee" as Mia playfully calls her).  Mia had the opportunity to hang with Divina Fly (recently Rosita of TNA) while they watched some great men's matches: Lo Ki v Davy Richards was epic, as was Necro Butcher v Amazing Red (the action spilled out all over the arena).  Mia seemed very content watching some of her male idols in the ring and did not seem to be missing the WSU locker room.

Mia was introduced as the "face" and Annie Social as the heel.  Mia played up to the crowd that popped for her (pleasantly surprised because she was not advertised in advance).  The match (short at 4:30) ended with an Annie Social boot to Mia's midsection followed by a DDT as the finisher.  Recently in JAPW Mia emerged victorious over Annie; at the PWS show, the theme was "heels win" and the women's match followed that pattern.  Both women know each other so well in the ring that the action was smooth with smart, stiff spots -- kicks from Mia and nastiness from Annie (like clawing and wrenching Mia's volupous tat-tats while Annie had her trapped in the corner).  Some photos from the event are posted below.  The Long Island crowd got treated to a great show with an odd order -- some high profile matches up front due to late start time of the show.  Lo Ki - Davey Richards, Amazing Red - Necro Butcher, and the three-man tag match all front-loaded before the intermission.

Mia "face" greets the fans at PWS

Here comes nasty Annie Social -- Ms. Heel

Mia locks up with Annie Social at Pro Wrestling Syndicate

Mia playing coy

Annie has Mia in a hammerlock
Yeeeooooww! My nipples!
Mia brings double knees to the back of Annie Social

Annie sets up Mia for the DDT finisher

Ah, well, maybe next time

Rosita and Mia at PWS show

Lo Ki: Mia's style icon - wrestling style, that is

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