Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mia's Big Month

Mia Yim hit the gym today to make a great body even better.

She has a big month ahead with CZW on March 12, ROH on March 19, SUN on March 20, and everyone is wondering where she will be on March 26 when SHIMMER, JAPW, and NEW all have big shows scheduled.  It's even possible she could turn up in a wrestling ring this weekend, March 5 (WSU has a big show), even though nothing is scheduled on her website.
Mia fans can look forward to continued "managing" roles in CZW with Adam Cole and in ROH with Embassy.  Mia usually shows up in something casual sexy for CZW and club sexy for ROH.  She usually finds a way to use her familiarity with what happens inside the ring to interfere or contribute to the outcome of the match.

Hypnotized Yim does a senton bomb off top in CZW

On March 20, Mia hleps kick off Allison Danger's fledgling promotion, Pro Wrestling Sun, an all-female protion that will makes use of great international talent.  Whereas the big matches are Madision Eagles v Allison Danger and a 3-way match involving Kellie Skater, Sara Del Rey, and Mercedes Martinez, Mia is in a key match too.  The MiaWar between Mia Yim and Mia Svensson has heat generated from a SPARKLE match last September when Mia Yim broke Svensson's rib.  Though Svensson won that singles match, it was a pyrrhic victory given the injury.  Bad blood must be addressed and this match promises to be a beauty.

Svensson pounds Yim on Sept 12

This leads up to the big Question Mark ? on March 26.  I would love to see Mia added to the outrageously good SHIMMER card that features Athena, Britani Knight, as well as the Ibuki girls from Japan.  Her home promotion though is JAPW and the South Side Playaz are on the card for the 26th.  Mia has been with them in virtually every appearance since March of 2010.  NEW has a big show in Torrington, CT, and Mia has had two great bouts with Mickie James this past fall in that promotion.  Mia fans are waiting, rather impatiently, to see where she ends up at the end of the month.

May March bring a rainbow of opportunity after the storm clouds of February have cleared.  Good Luck, Mia!

                                                          Prince Nana and Princess Mia

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