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Mia Yim: SHIMMER Debut this weekend!

Mia Yim boots Svensson in her SPARKLE tag match

All Photos by David Falcon in high resolution (click to enlarge)

What an exciting time for Mia Yim: "I am truly blessed" she tweeted today.  Perhaps she was reflecting on a weekend that saw her compete in three different states (MA, NY, and NJ) with ROH and PWSun.  And now, after a week of college classes, she will be off to Berwyn Illinois, just west of Chicago, to make her SHIMMER debut.  It is not her Berwyn debut, that came last September when she was added to Dave Prazak's SPARKLE roster.  Mia had two matches last September, neither of which made the tapings.  The first was a tag match (Saturday, Sept. 11) where she teamed with Taylor Made and they took on Mia Svensson and Mena Libra.  Yim/Made got the victory.  On Sunday, Sept. 12, she took on Mia Svensson in singles.  Infamously losing the match, but breaking Svensson's rib in the process.  The bad blood hanging over that match was to be resolved today, March 20, at PWSun, but instead the plot thickened as Svensson stole a wine through deceit and Yim was disqualified for supposedly using a wrench to knock Svensson out (the Swede feigned unconsciousness and no blow was rendered by Yim).  It sounds like this may be a feud developing in PWSun.
Svensson gets the best of Yim in Match #2

Turning our attention to this big SHIMMER weekend.  One can expect Mia to wrestle at least three times and hopefully four times.  I can imagine two being tag matches and two being singles matches.  What opponents might Mia face in her SHIMMER debut?  Mia has already faced some of the best wrestlers in SHIMMER:  Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze, MsChif, Nikki Roxx, and Sassy Stephie.  It would be a little disappointing for me to see her again matched with those noble opponents -- only because SHIMMER is so rich in talent and match-up possibilities. 
The ever popular Mercedes Martinez makes her entrance

In facing the opponents above, Mia Yim has demonstrated that she has what it takes to compete with any indy woman in the world.  She has also had several bouts with Mickie James.  Dream opponents, that Dave Prazak may not think she has yet earned the right to face -- at least in the SHIMMER hierarchy -- are Cheerleader Melissa, Ayako Hamada, Serena Deeb, and Mercedes Martinez.  The champions Eagles, Matthews, and Perez are also unlikely adversaries this time around.  Mia would feel honored to have a match with any of those women -- and hopefully she will one day. 

Ayumi Kurihara and Cheerleader Melissa

The amazing international talent at SHIMMER is often reserved for those USA and SHIMMER indy veterans that have earned the right to wrestle international superstars.  For instance, I do not see Mia being granted a singles match with Ayumi Kurihara or Saraya Knight, althought the latter would be a more likely opponent.  Mia would consider herself fortunate to be booked in a singles match or tag with any of the Japanese or Australian girls.  It would be wonderful to see her tangle with Ohata, Nakagawa, or Matsumoto next weekend -- even in a tag match.

Misaki Ohata in her Hello Kitty ears

My dream singles opponents for Mia Yim this coming weekend are these:  Britani Knight, Athena, Jessie McKay, and Christina von Eerie.  These are all young women around Mia's age, but they are established (as Mia is) either in SHIMMER (Jessie and Athena) or outside SHIMMER (Britani in EVE and Christina in PWG, California).  Britani Knight is the most promising young wrestler in Europe and brings a full arsenal of weapons and stage craft to the ring (she is also, I believe, the youngest worker in these tapings -- not yet 20).  Athena made an amazing impression last September and produced top quality matches.  She and Mia are the only wrestlers in these tapings representing the African American demographic.  Last September SHIMMER invited Bonesaw and Amazing Kong as well.  Athena and Mia have hard-hitting styles that will compliment each other and produce a special match.  Jessie McKay works the psychological angle very well and has tremendous wrestling skills. Christina von Eerie is that Daffney-like goth character who brings a crazy-ass-punk-style to the ring; she would force Mia to be inventive and prepare for a California girl, like herself.

Madison Eagles wrenches Jessie McKay's knee

Athena elbows Neveah

If Mia Yim does not draw these opponents, she is likely to wrestle girls from this able group:  Jessica James, Rachel Summerlyn, Ariel, Kellie Skater, Melanie Cruise, Leva Bates, and Allison Danger.  Danger often draws a "green rookie" (which Mia is most certainly NOT) and tries to carry her to a decent match on the rookie's first appearance.  In my opinion, Mia does not need that kind of help, but given that fact that Danger's paths are likely to cross much more with Mia Yim in PWSun, Allison may feel she needs to work with Mia, learn her ways, and get to know her better.  I would not be surprised to see this match.

Veronika Vice has Allison Danger on the ropes

In the end, this is a weekend that Mia fans have been waiting for for the past 19 months, since she made her debut in North Carolina in August of 2009.  This is SHIMMER -- the biggest and purest indy stage in the world -- just look at the talent from around the world that it attracts . . . pretty damn dynamite!  Let's all wish Mia well as she packs her bags next Friday to fly to Midway or O'Hare airport and get ready for an epic weekend!

Marquis at the Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL

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