Thursday, March 3, 2011

Marti Belle: Ready for Prime Time

It's Marti Belle's time.  This Dominican bombshell has it all -- great wrestling talent, both physically and psychologically; scintillating intelligence; great mic skills; ability to perform as a model, dancer, band member, actor, athlete.  I cannot think of another young worker who has her versatility and "presence" in the spotlight.
Gorgeous, talented Marti Belle

I had the privilege of seeing Marti in AIW (Ohio) this past summer when she took on her friend and tag team partner Tina San Antonio.  It was a small venue and Marti was so sweet to her fans young and old.  I was able to get some photos of her in action that night -- some of my favorite action shots.  But I left that first meeting thinking this is a special performer with great charisma and confidence, yet humble and sweet with her fans -- what a fabulous combination!

At AIW - Marti - Miss Intensity
Photo by David Falcon

Marti Belle's million dollar smile
(abs that all her friends covet)
Photo by David Falcon

Marti and Tina won the WSU tags belts November 6 at a Union City show.  They defeated Cindy Rodgers and Jana.  I had the good fortune of being in the building that night and getting some priceless pics of Marti and her first championship belt.  Since that night, The Belle Saints have defended their belts several times. 

Marti and Tina with their Milkshakes t-shirts
Photo by David Falcon

Marti takes punishment from Cindy Rodgers
Photo by David Falcon

Marti and her family enjoy the WSU Tag Champs belt
Photo by David Falcon

Marti faces one of the toughest challenges of her young career this Saturday night (March 5) as WSU returns to Union City, NJ, and the tag belts are on the line, but the Belle Saints have one big handicap -- Tina is injured and cannot compete!  What will Marti do?  Will she have to defend the belts by herself in 2 v 1 matches? Or will she be allowed to bring in a partner to take Tina's place?  If she can, who will get the nod, the honor?  Some think she may choose her friend Mia Yim?  Others speculate that Annie Social, Jamilia Craft, or Roxie Cotton could work along side Marti to help her keep the belts, but as of now, no one but Marti knows what might happen.  If you are a Marti Belle and Belle Saints fan, Saturday is not an event to miss.  If you cannot get to Union City be sure to order the event on iPPV.  Tonight Marti is hosting a warm up party for the WSU event in Lower Manhattan.  How many young women with such a harrowing match prospect in front of them, could pull it together well enough to host a party and, as it were, "bring all the boys to the bar"?  That's why we love Marti!  Good luck, girl!

Caliente Roja, Girl!

Marti, Mia Yim, and Roxie Cotton at  Dangerous Women of Wrestling 5/10

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