Sunday, March 6, 2011

Marti Belle retains WSU tag crown with the help of Jazz

Marti Belle was as surprised as anyone when the great Jazz came out to help her defend her WSU tag crown (Tina was injured and could not compete) against the Soul Sisters (Jana and Latasha) as well as the team of Cindy Rodgers and Amy Lee.  After a brutal battle in and out of the ring (mostly out, for Marti), a battle full of weapons from garbage cans to hockey sticks to french fries, a battle that Jazz finally won by pinning Cindy Rodgers for the win.

It's hard to see, but this half silhouette shot captures Marti exultant, with the precious belt over her shoulder and the lavender fabric bands that were over her knee pads slipped down to look almost like kickpads (a cool look if you ask me).  She is exhausted, beat up, relieved, and exultant all at the same time!  Could Jazz be training a new Jazz afficionado? Marti could not possibly have a better mentor!

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