Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mia Yim & Aki Kambayashi v Carly Simone & Alex Lee

REINAxWORLD's Big Three:  Mia Yim, Aoi Ishibashi, and Aki Kambayashi

In one of the featured matches on this card, Mia Yim teamed with Aki Kambayashi to take on Australian wrestlers Charlie Simone and Alex Lee.  The match was full of heavy-hitting action for more than 15 minutes.  Mia won the match for the RxW team using her Sky Yim finisher on Alex Lee.

But the big news on this day was the return to action of Aoi Ishibashi, the young superstar of RxW akin to Sareee in Diana or Riho in Ice Ribbon.  Aoi had been out since last May with a broken collarbone.  RxW fans were crushed and missed her at every show.  Mia helped pick up the slack when she arrived, but Aoi was still missed.  Her exuberant return last Sunday energized the whole company.  Welcome back, Aoi!!

The photos below are from Luke Matsuki

Mia and Aki

Mia tries to submit Alex early on with an arm bar

Mia and Aki humiliate Alex Lee

Aki gets her licks in too

Mia unloads some lethal kicks

Mia continues to pummel Alex

Alex Lee takes still more abuse

Bambi was also in action

. . . as was the dynamic Aoi Ishibashi, back from a broken collarbone 

Welcome back!

REINAxWORLD's joshi team

Mia looks fantastic!

Attention REINAxWORLD fans:  On Sunday, Dec. 23, Mia Yim & Aoi Ishibashi will face Aki Kambayashi and Mini Tomato in a Holiday tag match.  Mia and Aoi, the darlings of the company, will be the high-energy "face" team.  It should be a fun match.  Mia/Aoi could make a dominant tag team for any other team of wrestlers.  

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