Saturday, December 22, 2012

Allysin Kay v Kobald in AIW

Absolute Intense Wrestling ran their End of the World show last night in Cleveland.  Allysin Kay came to the ring wearing her title belt to take on Kolald of the Batiri.  This was her first inter-gender match in that promotion as far as I know.  I seemed to be a bizarre match with several strange props and a lot of out-of-ring action.  Below are some of Wayne Palmer's pics from the show.

Champion Allysin in her trademark mask

Allysin challenges Kobald

Allysin rings Kobald's tin can bell

The Batiri man is in trouble

Allysin absorbs punishment along the barricade

Allysin regains command

Kobald flies toward Allysin

Allysin hits the floor hard

Kobald is vanquished

The winner:  Allysin Kay!!

Allysin takes her belt back to the locker room

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