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Mia Yim Will Make Wrestling Appearance for Cat Panic Entertainment

RECENTLY ADDED . . . this Thursday night . . . 

From Left to Right:  Alex Lee, Charlie Simone, and Mia Yim

Mia Yim is one of the Big Three in REINAxWORLD -- a marquee name -- along with Aki Kambayashi and Aoi Ishibashi.  This Thursday, Dec. 27, she will be participate in the Cat Panic Entertainment (CPE) promotion that, like Kaientai Dojo, has a business relationship with REINAxWORLD.  The front office runs all three promotions and from time to time they share talent, like Aki Kambayashi and her alter ego the masked La Malcriada as well as the whip-weilding Bambi.  CPE puts on shows that are boudoir noir affairs -- panty pulling struggles but not real ring wrestling.  The main purpose is for DVD sales.  It seems that the warm-up match will be real wrestling though, a 3-way match featuring Mia and her Australian training buddies Alex Lee and Charlie Simone.  Simply put, Mia doesn't do panty-pulling.
More show details from the Catfight website appear below:

La Malcriada blog site:   

December 27, 2012 (Thursday)
ッ upset cat! Large 2012 year-end party from Pink Boo
Catfight five to enchant
19:00 18:00 / Doors (scheduled to end 22:30)
@ Shin-kiba 1st Ring in Tokyo
※ 1-6-24 Shin-Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo
※ free photography
■ All inquiries about the event
090-8649-8861 (CPE)
Additional card decision!] 】
World Fight! ! (Courtesy REINA × WORLD)
(One game for 20 minutes) American × Australia 3WAY
Mia Yim vs Alex Lee vs Charlie Summon Aussie
★ done in (disconnected the rope of the ring) Noropu each game.
Fixtures [here] (YouTube)
[Info] Tickets at the Door
Will be sold at the entrance from 17:30! The seats are available species of your day as well - limited standing room ¥ 5000] In addition to the "¥ 7000 (seats tiers) <Few left> general seats." · RS · SS seat seat VIP seats are sold out.
[Information Booth (merchandise)]
▼ Related Goods
● CPE original T-shirt (¥ 3000 each) 2012ver.
└ × Silver Black (Size M ~ XL)
※ also provides a number of players participating each booth!
▼ related DVD
● Sales of new DVD set cheap (¥ 5000 free three combinations)
◎ 2012 summer festival CPE - MZ-on
└ (Waka Song retirement SC, such as phosphorus and Apple Miyuki Tags uniform chrysanthemum bebop) Song Tournament Shinkiba 9/14 2012
◎ Anniversary Entertainer CPE10 - slimy Daiundoukai
└ Shinkiba Song Tournament 5/10 2012 (The Great Sasuke fought other)
◎ Golden Cat Fight of us - on the second volume,
└ Shinkiba Song Tournament 5/11 2012
◎ 37 ~ 39 Catfight
Special └ etch Happening (unpublished local competitions, treasure packed video!)
● (¥ 1000 Any one) DVD Viking previous work
└ DVD offers about 50 titles in the past (Yes mono number 1 point)
▼ super ticket pre-sale
● Cat Fight tournament next preceding
└ "Entertainer CPE3Days" tournament Shinkiba 5/8 - 9.10 @
※ I will come from the front row
★ · CPE limited human Mystery Tour 5/8 → 30
Cat Fight Festival ★ only 5/9 → lotion
Entertainer ★ 5/10 → CPE Cat Fight
☆ posted on the flyer to be distributed on the day of each tournament details!
Drink ▼
● Were there any cream stew
● various alcohols juice
More ▼
● DVD sale gift VIP & SS seats are sneaking back to stage charity event Yamanashi documentary outdoor outdoor camping bike ride - September 29, 2012! Is] (not for sale)!
● carry out 20 minutes after the shooting of each convention site benefits e + (e +) Pre-Order. (Indicated in the announcement will) Please gather at ringside
So, we are looking forward a large number of visitors!
I'll see you there!

    [live] - 20:00, December 10 love × Titan Morisaki
On the show's "Titan" office of the problem LOL, "Morisaki love" Fighter Cat appeared!
Because the Internet live, I also participated in the chat, please come!
Fixtures have been recently announced
Please look forward to the latest information of the tournament Shinkiba CPE12/27! !
"Titan" Channel Official Nico students
December 10 live from 20:00 (Mon)
"A probing Shanai Twin Towers"
MC: Twin Tower (Masato Fukuda Onishi /)
Morisaki love: Guest
And I shall not be afraid to look at the viewer's worrisome, place, two of the twin towers examine the gossip, it is a program to tell you.
Mr. Morisaki to greet guests love, this time, I have heard a lot about Catfights Cha.
The program is looking for things, places, things or gossip you want to examine such of everybody.
I also accept questions to Mr. Morisaki love!
All posts are up (

    Onita is combined with midget! Have some wet wet lotion, all Fixtures announced festival CPE Catfight (Thu) 12.27!
Cat Fight CPE event held by the end of the year approaching, the entire program has been decided!
We will deliver the performance +9 five games all hot content.
Thanks to you, because it is only the remaining advance tickets , ticket not found, please as soon as possible to have yourッ! We look forward to your visit and a lot of! !
December 27, 2012 (Thursday)
Special year-end box office CPE
ッ upset cat! Large 2012 year-end party from Pink Boo
Catfight five to enchant
19:00 18:00 / Doors (scheduled to end 22:00)
@ Shin-kiba 1st Ring in Tokyo
※ 1-6-24 Shin-Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo
※ free photography
[Full Fight Card! 】 (YouTube)
★ done in (disconnected all the ropes of the ring) Noropu every game. ※ Except for some of the game.
<LIVE (5 minutes each) > Feiゞkana / Arisa Nakajima lettuce / Kisaragi
◆ first game (game full 3R 3 minutes)
Beautiful Art ◎ Cat Fight!
Mayumi Hashiba Ann vs Kira ☆
└ players full round fight. Winner is determined by a points system Beautiful Art by rule (emphasis) demand of the game's quality and sexy (customers).
◆ second match (one game 15 minutes)
◎ cold weather! Secret Bikini Captain Fall Match
Hua Feng & love & DJ Dizzy Main Morisaki vs Chan both
└ players fight in bikini, took three wins count or give up open crotch from the captain of the opposing team. (Only knows referee) Captain do not know until you win but
<LIVE (5 minutes each) > Reddoai / Red ☆ Mel apricot / peach Ami Hinata
◆ the third game (game 3R 3 minutes)
◎ Special Single Match fountain!
Ultraman vs Robin Riko Fukuyama
└ customers can launch a squirt gun in every part of the players. Bring water gun can be (or limited number) day of distribution. Only "water" content is positive. Settled by the three count 3 count Facesitting open crotch.
<LIVE (5 minutes each) > Chiaki Koizumi / Kira ☆ en / one Fukushima
◆ Semi-Final (Full game 10 min.)
◎ lotion sexy lingerie Art 5way match retirement match Yumeko ~ ~
Yumeko with FICE take if EXA vs Maki Hirasawa is Miho Wakabayashi vs vs vs Mai Mayo
└ players fight a full 10 minutes remain in their underwear. Winner is determined by a points system by sexy art rules (degree & erotic & sexy game Moe). 50 l use lotion.
◆ Main Event (one game unlimited time)
◎ Mixed midget Street Cat Fight
Yaguchi & Jonaton-butter & micro 壹琅 Yaguchi vs Ota & Miss Mongol & Pretty thick Onita

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