Tuesday, December 25, 2012

JWP and STARDOM run Christmas Eve shows at K-Hall

The great venue, Korakuen Hall, played host to the two largest and most exciting promotions in Joshi Puroresu on Christmas Eve.  JWP had a near sellout crowd and STARDOM did sell out.  The pics here are from Youji Kawauchi.

Fuuka in a Festive Holiday Mood as Master of Stardom ceremonies

JWP had the afternoon show . . . With the main event being the showdown between Emi Sakura and Arisa Nakajima, the Comeback Kid.

JWP "CLIMAX 2012 ~ JWP 20TH"
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
871 Fans

1. JWP Jr./POP Title: Manami Katsu beat Rabbit Mito (6:57) with a backflip to become the 23rd champion.
2. LEON & Kay Lee Ray beat Sendai Sachiko and DASH Chisako (10:40) when Ray used a Northern Lights Suplex Hold on Sachiko.
3. The WANTED!? Santa Suit Cosplay Battle Royal: Nana Kawasa beat Sachie Abe & Ranmaru (14:29).
Order of Elimination: Hamuko Hoshi, Sareee, Moeka Haruhi, Lady Steel, KAZUKI, Tsukasa Fujimoto, RAY, Makoto, Sachie Abe & Ranmaru.
4. Misaki Ohata & Hiroyo Matsumoto beat Mori & Hanako Nakamori (12:16) when Matsumoto used a Liger Bomb on Mori.
5. Command Bolshoi beat Kaori Yoneyama (8:34) with a Shotei.
6. Kayoko Haruyama & Tsubasa Kurigaki beat Meiko Satomura & Hailey Hatred (13:13) when Kurigaki used a Falcon Arrow on Hatred.
7. JWP Openweight Title: Arisa Nakajima beat Emi Sakura (C) (21:05) with a Dragon Suplex Hold to become the 21st champion.

Kay Leigh Ray and Leon teamed up

But the Sendai Girls had the best of them early on

High . . .

Flyin' . . . 

Action . . .

. . . with impact . .  all match!

Leon powerbombs Sachiko

Kay Leigh hits a belly-to-belly suplex

. . . for the win!

Some crazy Santa-themed match happened 

Misaki Ohata being smacked by Mori & Hanako Nakamori

Hiroyo Matsumoto makes her presence felt

The stately Hanako Nakamori

Hiroyo with a mean headlock on Mori

Hanako got caught

Misaki with a suplex on hanako

Hiroyo brings the hammer and the finish

Former SHIMMER champs 3S are victorious in JWP

Meiko is in grip of  Kayoko Haruyama

Tsubasa Kurigaki tastes Hailey Hatred's big boot

Kuigaki with the finisher

. . . and the win!

Main Event!  Emi Sakura

Challenger Arisa Nakajima

They square off

things get heated for the title

Emi's not going softly into that good night . . . 

She puts the hurt on Arisa

Arisa storms back with a dragon suplex

Game over -- new JWP Champion!

Bloody but exultant! 

The proud victor, Arisa Nakajima!


STARDOM had the evening show . . . with the main event being the title match between Nanae Takahashi and Star Idol Yuzuki Aikawa.

STARDOM "YEAR END CLIMAX 2012", 12/24/12
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,030 Fans - No Vacancy

1. Yui Yokoo Debut Match: Hailey Hatred beat Yui Yokoo (8:30) with a big boot.
2. Miho Wakizawa & Eri Susa beat Mayu Iwatani & Kellie Skater (9:00) with the Backslide from Venom.
3. Kairi Hojo & Natsumi Showzuki beat Saki Kashima & Act Yasukawa (10:11) when Hojo used the 4173 on Kashima.
4. #1 Contendership Match: Kyoko Kimura beat Io Shirai (13:04) with a big boot.
5. Goddesses of Stardom Title: Natsuki*Taiyo & Yoshiko beat Hiroyo Matsumoto & Yuhi (13:04) when Taiyo used the Taiyo-Chan Spanish Fly on Yuhi (1st defense).
6. World of STARDOM Title: Nanae Takahashi (C) beat Yuzuki Aikawa (20:50) One Second EX (6th defense).

Rookie Yui Yokoo has a moment v Hailey Hatred

Kellie Skater hoists Eri Susa

Kellie readies a power bomb for Miho Wakizawa

Miho fights back for the win


Kairi Hojo & Natsumi Showzuki beat Saki Kashima & Act Yasukawa 

Act has some early success

Kairi Hojo & Natsumi Showzuki have Act in a bad way

and they find new ways to pour on the pain.

Masked Io Shirai v Kyoko Kimura

Kimura twists Io's knee

Out of Ring:  Kyoko smashes Io's face against the "West" sign

Fearless Io gets back into play

a valiant effort

Kyoko's nasty headbutt

Kimura wins. Io has a headache.


Hiroyo is a beast!

Taiyo used the Taiyo-Chan Spanish Fly on Yuhi 

Tag Titles are defended successfully

A brutal main event:  Nanae v Yuzuki



Tiger Suplex!

Wild holds 


Vicious EX Powerbomb

Game over!  Nanae is still champ! 

All in All it was a fantastic day at Korakuen Hall and one befitting of the high quality of Women's Wrestling in Japan.  Both the depth, the fitness, the athleticism, and the passion are equaled nowhere else in the world.  That is especially true when you realize that you can see this high quality action week in and week out, not just a couple of times a year.

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