Saturday, December 29, 2012

LLPW Harley Saito retires; Two Rookies Introduced

LLPW-X Rookies:  Mizuki Kaminade (left) and Saki Watanabe (right)      Photo: Youji Kawauchi

Ladies Legend Pro Wrestling -X featuring some of the great veteran wrestlers who contributed so dramatically to the heyday of Joshi Wrestling in the early 1990's, had an important year-end show.  It was important for two reasons.  First veteran Harley Saito retired after 26 years in the ring with LLPW as a reliable mid-carder.  To the surprise of many, this small, sporadic promotion introduced two rookies last night at Tokyo Akasaka BLITZ arena.  The rookies Saki Watanabe and Mizuki Kaminade were paired as a tag team and they faced Shinobu Kandori and Takako Inoue.  For those keeping track of such things, Kandori now runs and operates LLPW and Takako recruits and trains new talent.  From all accounts the rookies produced a serviceable first match, so we will see where there fortunes take them.  Many former wrestlers, including Michiko Ohmukai (see photo below), came to the event to pay tribute to Saito and see some of their old friends.

Michiko Ohmukai (left) with her two children and retiring veteran Harley Saito
Photo credit:  unknown

Photos by Youji Kawauchi

Rookies Kaminade and Watanabe v Takako and Kandori

Kandori sends Kaminade to the ropes

Kaminade's cross body backfired

Watanabe takes her turn against the feared Shinobu

Things do not end well for the rookies

. . . but they get a hug from trainer Takako anyway

Dump Matsumoto took on Tomoka Nakagawa

Dump having her way, both inside . . .

. . . and outside the ring!

What a great tag team matchup with Ayumi and Meiko taking on Takako and Toyota

Manami's big boot rattles Ayumi's jaw

Is age 40+ Manami limited in any way? Moonsault!

Ayumi suckers Takako into the arm submission

Meiko in the Toyota roll

but her backfist comes in handy

Manami unloads a massive German suplex on Ayumi

Ayumi pumps up the crowd

Flying doubles knees to Takako's chin

Takako has a back fist of her own

Ayumi flies to the outside

Dictionary Definition of Missile Drop Kick

Manami Toyota with the cover

Harley Saito Retires
Stats:  Harley's first match was August 17, 1986
She has been wrestling for 26 years 
She leaves the ring at age 45.

Harley acknowlesges the fans at BLITZ

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