Thursday, October 25, 2012

Move of the Night (Sept. 15, 2012): LuFisto's Chibi Stomp on Mia Yim

I have seen a lot of amazing moves this year on the indy women's scene, both live and on iPPV.   There was the amazing yoshi tonic off the of the 18' ladder that Mia Yim worked on Greg Excellent in the TLC match.  Then there was the moonsault to the outside that Mia landed on Jessicka Havok at SHINE 3.  But one of my favorite moves was the Chibi Stomp that LuFisto unloaded on Mia Yim in the Indygurlz main event back in mid September.  LuFisto tweeted that Chibi means "short one" in Japanese "like me" LuFisto said.  The move happened toward the end of a 15+ minute match -- hard-hitting from start to finish.  It added incredible veracity to the stiffness of the match.  What is even more remarkable is that Mia had never taken that move before or even trained with it.  She trusted LuFisto to pull off something great -- and it was fantastic.  The fact that Mia landed crumpled in the corner with Pegaboo staring at her compromised position made the move that much more perfect.

Below are Hollow's photos of the move:

To see more of Hollow's photos follow the link below:!i=2090207136&k=BgTmHWC

First LuFisto head butted Mia on the turnbuckle

Then she launched the Chibi Stomp!

LuFisto's boots are aimed at Mia's collarbones


. . . and the aftermath

And now some David Falcon photos from another angle:

The set up . . . 

The bump . . . 

The aftermath . . . Pegaboo's disdain . . . 

Both women made a show of respect in the end.

For more of David Falcon's photos follow the link below:

Mia won the match with her Sky Yim, corkscrew moonsault finisher.  It was a dramatic end to a thrilling match.  Every fan got his money's worth at Indygurlz.

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