Sunday, October 14, 2012

WSU: Full Steam Ahead

Women's Superstars Uncensored has returned under new management.  They return to Sportatorium in Deer Park, NY, in a double header with Beyond Wrestling.  The women took the evening prime-time slot and put on a great show for the fans.  Newcomers Addy Starr and Saturyne put on strong showings with the latter winning a spot on the roster.  Canadian workers Kalamity, Addy Starr, and LuFisto were key players in the hardest hitting matches of the night.  I'm beginning to think that our neighbors to the north bring the thunder -- awesome work, ladies! The first half of the show ended with a show-stealing match between Mercedes Martinez and LuFisto.  With echoing slaps, punches , and kicks it was the stiffest and hardest hitting match of the night.  These two consummate pros were pounding each other in and out of the ring -- plenty of pounding took place against the steel guard rails around the ring.  In the end each woman tried her finisher but could not prevent her opponent from kicking out prior to the 3-count. 

Mercedes locks up LuFisto:  MOTY candidate!

The second half of the show contained some strong matches including a great battle between two wrestlers that have probably met 5-6 times in the ring in as many months -- Marti Belle and Nikki Addams -- for the Spirit Championship.  Marti retained after a strong match.  The Midwest Militia, Sassy Stephie and Allysin Kay, battled Annie Social and Kimber Lee to a no-contest when the ref called the match due to Kimber's knee injury.  MWM were not happy with their lost opportunity.  The main event was a 3-way dance between Alexxis Nevaeh, Alicia, and Champion Jessicka Havok was somewhat anticlimactic after the Mercedes - LuFisto match.  Havok rolled up Alicia after 7 1/2 minutes. 

Below are some pictures from the event (All Photos by David Falcon):

More pics can be found here: 

Leva Bates as Billy from "Saw" movies

Tina San Antonio swings Brittney Savage

Brittney strains for the ropes

Bonesaw Jesse Brooks sporting shiny new gear

Bonesaw locks up Addy

LuFisto works over Mercedes' left arm

LuFisto pours on the pressure

LuFisto keeps hammering Mercedes outside the ring

The lockerroom clears to contain Mercedes after the 30-min. draw

Saturyne makes her WSU debut

Naya v Saturyne

Naya has upper hand on Saturyne

Naya with powerbomb on Saturyne

Naya can't believe that she's out of WSU again

Allysin Kay with boot to the throat of Annie Social

Allysin reaches for the tag

Sassy Stephie and Allysin Kay double team Annie Social

Midwest Militia bends Annie around the ring post -- damn!

The match was ended by the referee when Kimber Lee injured her knee

 Marti in charge vs Nikki Addams

Marti Belle seems to have a plan

Marti pays the price!

Ouch! Nikki kick hurts! 

Nikki with a shoulder block off the ropes

Nikki in control

Marti fights back

Marti retains her Spirit title

Jessicka Havok tortures Alexxis

 Alexxis is in a bad way -- those aren't mommy's arms!

Havok man-handles Alexxis in the corner

Alexxis is laid out . . .

Alicia Somoan drops Alexxis on top of Jessicka

Jessicka dominating Alexxis

Jessicka pulls Alexxis out of corner

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