Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mia Yim Launches Japan Chapter with REINAxWORLD

The second match that Mia worked for REINAxWORLD was for the CMLL-REINA championship vs Mexican Luchadora Amapola.  Mia said it was a tough match and Amapola survived Mia's moonsault to the outside (a sick trick) and her Sky Yim inside the ring.  Seemed like a great battle, but alas Mia remains beltless in her career.  I have a feeling that moniker of the "best female wrestler never to win a belt" will change in 2013 in Japan.  Mia is just too good not to get the gold eventually.

How awesome does Mia Yim look?! Rock solid and ready to go!

The photos below are from the great Luke Matsuki. See more check out the link below:

Mia gets limbered up, pre-match

Mia credits her Australian REINA dojo colleague Alex Lee with her beautiful makeup for this match.  In my opinion, Alex did a fantastic job!  @Irena_Janjic

Mia enjoyed some early control

But Amapola had Mia in pain later on

Mia gathered her determination . . .

Mia unleashes her sick moonsault to the outside


Later she tried her twisting Sky Yim finisher

Afterwards Mia got face time with REINA friend Aoi Ishibashi

Recently Mia dressed up to sell tickets at KDojo  Photo: Mia Yim

Not only does she look hot! She looks very, very tall!  Photo: Mia Yim

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