Sunday, February 3, 2013

MsChif defeats Mia Yim at ROH

Mia Yim executes a lionsault on MsChif at ROH, DuBurns Arena, Baltimore, MD
Photos by B. Ryan Schlazmo

They may be the only two women on the ROH roster now that Sara Del Rey has moved on to WWE, but Mia Yim and MsChif still put on a good show.  MsChif maintained her dominance over Mia Yim in ROH with a win in Baltimore last night.  Mia has been working on a new move -- a moonsault off the second rope called a "lionsault" -- and she used that last night against MsChif.  Unfortunately for Mia, MsChif survived that cover and unleashed her own standing moonsault on the prone Mia Yim.  Mia did succumb in the end as MsChif's ascendancy at ROH continues.

MsChif with a standing moonsault

Mia with raised knee to MsChif's face

Mia launches her Sky Yim finisher (MsChif already rolling out of the way though)

Here's an old RCW match featuring a 20-year old Mia Yim v MsChif v Daizee

Last night Mia sported her new maroon/black gear
Photo by Bliz Photography


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