Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ACW Women's Title Match: Kacee Carlisle v Mia Yim

April 16, 2011.  ACW (MD) Goldrush 2. 
Mia Yim, the challenger

Mia Yim comes out in her new green gear with a new Joshi "babyface" attitude.  The crowd loves her.  A cake is brought out and the announcer leads the crowd in singing happy 22nd birthday to Mia.  halfway through the song, Kacee Carlisle has heard enough, she comes storming out of the locker room and destroys the party atmosphere.  The ladies lock up and someone rings the bell.  Mia ends up on top of Kacee and gives her a fireman's carry into an arm bar.  It's going to take a lot more than an arm bar to strip the championship belt off of Kacee Carlisle.  Mia realizes that Kacee won't tap so she goes for the cover.  Kacee kicks out.  Mia gives Kacee some forearms to the chin and then whips her off the ropes.  The champ reverses the move into a Somoan Drop.  At this point both women are heated and things get really stiff.  Kacee begins to choke Mia, then chops her once, twice.  Mia retaliates with a forearm smash.  Kacee is now pissed -- she lights Mia up with a series of lightening fast chops that sting like a belly flop off the high dive.  As if that's not enough, Kacee returns to the choking and finally punctuates this beating with a vicious clothesline.  She goes for the cover, but Mia kicks out.

Kacee Carlisle, ACW Women's Champion

Kacee climbs to the second rope to "end this thing right here" and goes for a massive leg drop, but Mia rolls out from under it.  Mia then goes into a high-aerobic series of drop kicks, at least five or six of them, and ends with her patented missle drop kick.  The momentum has shifted and now Mia climbs to the top rope and unleashes a withering missle drop kick.  She goes for the cover 1...2... but Kacee kicks out in the nick of time.  Mia now gets exorcised and starts firing at the champion.  Kacee responds with a jaw-rocking forearm smash and then they start exchanging blows in the middle of the ring.  Mia is screaming with each blow she delivers to Carlisle as if bent on burying her.

Kacee gives Mia a stiff kick in 2010

Mia finally gains control and whips Kacee off the ropes, but Kacee reverses and tries to deliver the "coup de grace" with a tree-limb sized forearm.  But Mia ducks it, waits for Kacee to turn around, and then pounds her with more forearms.  Yim drives Carlisle back into the corner and the beating continues.  When she has softened her up adequately, Mia whips her across the ring to the opposite corner and goes charging after her with a pounding body slam, but with the deftness of a matador, Kacee steps aside and Mia crashes into the corner, stunned.  Kacee seizes the opportunity to roll Mia up and get the 3-count (though she had her feet up on the ropes for leverage).  Ironically this was exactly the way she defeated a much more limited Mia Yim in EWE one year ago (4/24/10), Mia's first match back after surgery.  The same roll-up and the same cheating finish -- legs on the rope for illegal added leverage on the pin.  In neither case did the ref catch the infraction and the pin stood up for the win.  By my reckoning, Mia is owed a good ref at the next meeting between these two.  I don't believe Kacee can beat her fair-and-square.

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